Family Guide to Academic Advising

Graduate with their family at commencement

Welcome, Parents and Families!

First-Year Advising welcomes you as partners in your first-year student’s success. Our academic advisors understand the positive impact parent and family support can have on the achievement of our students. While your student makes the transition to Texas State University, we know you are also going through a transition of your own. We hope this website provides the resources you need to understand and support your student’s first-year experience at Texas State.

Important Legal Information

FERPA is the Federal law, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and it protects the privacy of the student education records and guarantees students’ access to their records. Read more about these rights. 

The student can provide the parent or family member with consent to access their records. This will require parents to verify a password set by the student.

In the absence of this consent, we will only be able to give general information related to Texas State educational policies and resources available to all students. 

The Role of a First-Year Advisor

Advise first-year students regarding major and course selections, degree requirements, and program admittance policies.

Promote student development and growth by assisting in assessing and developing students’ interests, abilities, short and long-term academic and career goals.

Monitor student progress and guide students towards realizing their set academic and career goals.

Assist students with understanding university procedures, academic policies and registration systems.

Support students in procuring appropriate academic and campus resources to stay on track in their first year.

Advisor advising student in their office

Undergraduate Catalog

Please see the Undergraduate Catalog for academic policies, degree information and individual course descriptions.

Majors and Degrees

Students want an education that expands their world and prepares them for their future career. We believe in connecting what they learn here to the world beyond college.

How To Help Your Student Succeed

Remind them to make an advising appointment

Encourage your student to set up an advising appointment early to go over major and course selections, degree requirements, and program admittance policies.

Stay in touch

Maintain regular contact, support, and encourage your student to find their voice and learn from their experiences to develop and build autonomy. 

Ask your student about their academic and social adjustment and their well-being. Be available to listen, support, and encourage your student.

Help them remember important dates

Assist your student with staying up-to-date on academic deadlines and essential dates on the Texas State Academic Calendar.

Encourage them to check their TXST email

Encourage your student to check their student email account, we typically send out reminder emails regarding important dates, advising occurrences and events.

Refer them to our One Stop resource page

If your student has any issues or concerns, encourage them to self-advocate and contact appropriate campus and academic resources.

Connect with our office

If you ever have additional questions, contact First-Year Advising by calling 512.245.7223 or by emailing

Want more Parent and Family Information?

The Parent and Family Relations Office is dedicated to communicating with parents and families about timely information to help your student navigate college and manage the many challenges of campus life. Also, the Texas State Family Associations is dedicated to helping Bobcat families feel connected to their student university experiences.

The Family Association is an organization made up of parents and extended family, guardians, mentors and benefactors of current and/or former Texas State students.