PACE Center

Your educational journey begins at the PACE Center, home to first-year programs and services for academic success and the path toward a career.

Your PACE Success Team

We provide all first-year students with a team of dedicated faculty, staff, and student mentors/coaches to support your transition into college life. Team members represent each of the areas below.

Academic Advising

Your academic advisor will provide guidance to help you make the best choices regarding your degree requirements and academic goals.
Academic advisor advising first-year student in office
Peer Mentor meeting with a first-year student

Peer Mentoring

Your peer mentor is an upper-level student who provides continued positive support as you socially and academically transition to Texas State.

Career Exploration

Your career counselor will help you assess your interests, abilities, and goals relating to your potential career and choose appropriate pathways and opportunities for success.
Career Counselor meeting with first-year student
Success Coach meeting with first-year student

Success Coaching

Your success coach will empower you to take an active approach to learning and becoming a self-advocate for your education.

University Seminar (US 1100)

Your University Seminar (US 1100) faculty member will guide your academic transition to college and help you develop strategies for lifelong learning.
US 1100 Faculty member teaching a group of students outside

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